Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Puez-Odle Group is the sixth of the 9 areas in the Dolomites - on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Since 27th June 2009 the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site. They belong to the 50 most beautiful landscapes of Europe and 199 worldwide!

The Dolomites, with their multitude of shapes and colours, very high towers which stand out against the sky, impressive walls and peaks full of crevasses enchant legendary mountaineers and world famous celebrities. Paul Grohmann, the first person to climb the Sassolungo and the Three Peaks, was fascinated by these "pale mountains". Through the publication of books and films, the climber from Val Gardena, actor and director Luis Trenker has made "the mountains of his homeland” famous all over the world. According to Reinhold Messner, the world-famous mountaineer, the Dolomites are “the most beautiful mountains in the world”, while the architect Le Corbusier describes them as "the finest natural architecture in the world". Quite rightly so. Anyone who has visited Paris will always dream of being able to return to the foot of the Eiffel Tour or to the Louvre. Anyone who has been to the Caribbean will not be able to help singing the praises of their white beaches. Who has seen the Dolomites will always return. In fact the whole world visits Val Gardena and the Dolomites. Because Val Gardena is one of the pearls of the Dolomites.

Selva Val Gardena

During winter, a white fairy-tale scenery. Come summer it turns into a unique and beautiful natural landscape.

During every season the world of the Dolomites presents its one-of-a-kind charm in an array of stunning beauty. The towns of Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva Gardena (only 6 miles distance) not only offer beautiful nature scenes, but also a wide variety of art and culture.

Ortisei 1236 m, S. Cristina 1428 m and Selva Gardena 1563 m are situated at an altitude of 1200 to 1700 meters above sea level. The alpine meadows and ski slopes rise up to 2518 m and the mountain peaks up to 3181 m.


Not just Val Gardena, but the whole of South Tyrol is a treasure trove of unique historical and natural sights.

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Don’t miss the emotional start of the renowned Sellaronda Hero Race and other important events in summer.

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Art, Culture and Tradition

Art and culture are of great importance in Val Gardena. The Val Gardena art of wood carving is particularly well-known. But there is more to discover.

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