Amas study - What is it?

The positive effect of a vacation in the mountains-To be active in Val Gardena is healthy!

Now it has been proven: a several-week stay in the mountains is healthy for you. This is the result of a medical-sports science project called AMAS 2000 (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study 2000), which – between 1998 and 2000 – did a long-time-study on the effects of a hiking vacation in the mountains on the human organism.


The scientists discovered that an active vacation at a altitude starting from 1.400 m has a positive effect on the overall state of health. So it has finally also been scientifically confirmed that hiking in Val Gardena is healthy. The positive effects are: the improvement of fat and sugar metabolism, a clear lowering of high blood pressure, and the improvement of oxygen transport by the red blood cells. During an active vacation in Val Gardena the quality of sleep, the duration of sleep and the ability to sleep improve as well. 


Therefore: enjoy the beauty of nature and come to visit us at Alpenroyal in Val Gardena.

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