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Alpenroyal Gourmet Restaurant - 1 Michelin Star Alpenroyal Grand Hotel Selva Val Gardena

Caterpillars turn into colourful butterflies, buds bloom into scented flowers and seeds become succulent grapes.

This is how the Creator made our beautiful world: from something extremely simple, nature is able to create something special. In this wonderful circle of life, man too can be creative.

This is the ethos behind our gourmet restaurant at Alpenroyal Grand Hotel; the restaurant’s chef uses the fruits of the great oceans, Alpine herbs and plants, Mediterranean and Indian flavours, tempting treats and the most tender fillets to create refined and appetizing dishes to sate both palate and soul. Come and visit us, we cannot wait to show you first-hand...

Hours of operation: Dinner from 7.30 p.m. -21.30 p.m. (during high season from Monday to Saturday)
Dress code: Smart casual (no shorts or sandals permitted)

"La grande cucina dell'Alpenroyal"- The great cuisine at Alpenroyal - Felice Lo Basso

The food of five-star Alpenroyal Grand Hotel has caught the attention of the specialized press for many years now. For our hotel it is of course a prestigious honour. The culinary art of our chef Felice Lo Basso has impressed a publisher so much that he decided to publish the book “Felice Lo Basso. The excellent cuisine of Alpenroyal”, a 200-page volume now available in all bookstores. Our chef Lo Basso is rightly included in the book title thanks to his constant creation of new top-class dishes inspired by world cuisine and his tireless search for a balance between Mediterranean and alpine cuisines. This excellent cook, who comes from Southern Italy, is like a poet constantly writing new verses. In fact, if cuisine is to be compared to art, Felice is without a doubt an artist who makes us proud with his every dish, which we serve our guests. Snacks, hors d’oeuvres, soups, main courses and delicacies are accompanied with captions and wonderful pictures so real you might be tempted to make a grab for them. Whether it is a Benevento liqueur for a romantic dinner, Madagascar pepper or our typical bacon, these wonderful ingredients make for an excellent cuisine. In the book this aspect clearly comes out in the high professionalism of Felice. We are therefore looking forward to spoiling your palate soon, maybe even during the golden hiking season. Greetings to your homeland.

Chef de cuisine at Alpenroyal - Felice Lo Basso
The Grand Hotel Alpenroyal ***** is proud to provide a young cooking talent space for his creativity. Felice Lo Basso does not originally come from the Alps or the Dolomites, but from the Mediterranean region of Apulia in Italy. The easy-going character and the creativity of Felice Lo Basso is due to his southern roots. He loves to try out new things and to refine his art in order to amaze our guests with his new creations. Remarkable are characteristics like the selection of fresh high-quality products and his ethical respect for raw materials. In his field he is known as a young talent who quickly achieved a status as one of the best chefs in the hotel industry in the Alps. He offers cooking courses and also participates at TV programmes. Felice received his first Michelin star in 2010.
Felice keeps his promise… ... royal moments ... in royal cuisine.


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